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1st // Bret Becker // Lockheed U-2C

ret’s all-composite spyplane was originally designed by Rene Saenz. Rene spent several years creating composite molds for this project. He loved the U-2 and felt the C variant with its enlarged intake would be ideal for EDF power. Bret used these molds to produce the first

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I have built countless RC models, from kits, plans and even my own scratch designs. For the most part, building an RC model is a lot easier than most beginners might think. If you have assembled a few ARFs in the past however, you’ll have the basic k
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Top Gun Scale Invitational
Model Airplane News has covered the Top Gun Scale Invitational right from the start, and now in its 32nd year, Top Gun went off without a hitch in its new time slot, from October 28 to November 1, 2020. With the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down most i
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Top Gun Favorite Mark Chapman’s ⅓-scale Albatros
Hugh Ryder: Your Albatros D.Va is a beautiful model, what is the history behind the full-scale Albatros? Mark Chapman: The Albatros D.Va was manufactured by the Albatros Company. It was built in their factory by boat builders and cabinet makers becau