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Comes the Revolution
To look at the cover of any Victoria issue is to gaze upon peace, beauty, and quiet romance. All of which occurs to me as charmingly ironic. For all Victoria’s gentle appeal, our 2021 artist-in-residence, Annie Sloan, just happens to be an out-and-ou
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Painting with Petals
To most people, a tiger lily may be just a pretty blossom, but to Bridget Collins, the spots remind her of a cheetah, much like a fuzzy magnolia bud makes her think of a moth, and black elder leaves resemble crow’s feathers. Where others might see a
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Editor’s Letter
From my earliest days, I remember being captivated by the bounty in my mother’s garden. One of my first recollections is helping her plant bulbs when I was three years old. The autumn weather had already turned crisp when we began our task, and coppe