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New ways with orchids

You can do so much more with orchids than simply put them on a coffee table by themselves. Moth orchids (or phalaenopsis) can be combined with other plants to create exotic mixed containers, mounted on the wall or even allowed to trail from the ceiling – revealing their natural form. The orchids in these striking mixed displays are kept in their

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Creatively planted baskets are colourful, tactile pieces of living art, ideal for brightening up any garden. Suspended at eye (and nose) level, they put on a display that’s easily admired and they’re particularly valuable where space is tight, as the
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Gardeners’ Question Time
Garden writer Christine appears on BBC1’s The One Show. She is also a lecturer and tour leader. Botanist, broadcaster and writer, James loves to grow unusual, edible and medicinal plants from around the world. Bob is an organic gardener and has des
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How To Enter
1. GO TO garden-competition to enter 2. UPLOAD at least six photos and tell us how you created your garden. Choose photos that show areas of your garden, not individual plants. And we’d like to see a photo of the garden before y