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Planting up a container is a great way to experiment with different plant combinations, colours and textures

do with a boost of colour – and this easy-to-plant pot is perfect for a doorstep or prominent

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New Ways With Orchids
You can do so much more with orchids than simply put them on a coffee table by themselves. Moth orchids (or phalaenopsis) can be combined with other plants to create exotic mixed containers, mounted on the wall or even allowed to trail from the ceili
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Prepare dahlia tubers to produce early shoots for making cuttings. Pot them up in deep pots of peat-free potting compost with the tip of the tuber just at the surface once the compost has been firmed. Water and then place on a warm bench. Ventilate
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A-Z Of House Plants
Also known as the money tree, it’s believed to bring luck and prosperity, making it a popular housewarming gift. The fuss-free nature of Crassula ovata means you can be confident it’ll stay looking good, even if you’ve struggled to keep other house p