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“Gardening is a really good way of being in the moment – you just put things aside”

Frontline workers Claire and James Eckersley’s multi-level garden just outside Falmouth was a real favourite with our 2020 Gardens of the Year judges, thanks to its confident and varied planting. Claire works in end-of-life care and James has recently joined the Navy as a medical officer. Being on the front line as the country battled Covid-19 has meant the couple – and their two children – relied on their garden as a place of sanctuary.

But Claire and James have been working hard to create their beautiful garden since 2013, when they moved here from the north east – bringing lots

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1 Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’ (sedge) 2 Hedera helix (variegated ivy) 3 Heuchera ‘Indian Summer Cranberry’ 4 Salvia officinalis ‘Purpurea’ (sage) ■ Peat-free multi-purpose (no soil) compost with slow-release feed ■ General-purpose liquid feed ■ Pouch
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