Country Life

My favourite painting Sir Tim Sainsbury

Sir Tim Sainsbury was formerly a director of Sainsbury’s before becoming a politician. He (£20) is published by Barbreck

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Have A Little Patience
SOME of the finest ingredients don’t so much require your attention as demand it. Take the sea urchin, for example. Hidden within that treacherous carapace is a nugget of sweetly lascivious delight—the art of reaching that nugget lies in avoiding tho
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In 1972, the world was gripped by the confrontation between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky in the World Chess Championship. The critic George Steiner wrote a successful book about it and decided to spend the royalties on commissioning a set of chess
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Pack Your Bags
IN an unassuming village on the edge of the Loire Valley in France, you’ll find an impossibly romantic building constructed out of soft tuffeau stone. So soft, in fact, that you can make out the signatures and drawings carved by Second World War sold