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Cathy Newman on history’s greatest duos

“When I embarked on my book I didn’t want to write just about cloying romantic couples. Obviously great

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The Greatest Pretender
Henry VII is a king often overlooked, his legacy overshadowed by those whose reigns bookended his: the much-debated Richard III and the larger-than-life Henry VIII. The enduring image of the first Tudor monarch is of a tight-fisted miser – a dreary a
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The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex (Pan Macmillan, 368 pages, £14.99) In 1972, three lighthouse keepers vanish inexplicably from their post on the Cornish coast, leaving a clutch of confused and grieving loved ones behind. Emma Stonex’s evocative novel
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On the 150th anniversary of the creation of the first German nation-state in 1871 (the Second Reich), historian Katja Hoyer explores the nature of this regime – neither full democracy nor dictatorship – and its complex legacy.