How big is a sip?

‘Here’s a variable that’s rarely discussed,’ says Alex Hunt MW. ‘Everyone will have a different sweet spot, but it’s worth experimenting until you find the sip size that gives you the most vivid impression of the wine.

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Weekday Wines
Recommended by: James Button, Natalie Earl, Tina Gellie, Georgie Hindle, Julie Sheppard, Amy Wislocki and Sylvia Wu Made by sisters Antonella and Ersiliana Bronca, this has a lovely breeziness to it, and good weight of fruit. Coral-coloured in the g
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New Wave Scotch Whiskies To Try
It’s still Scotch whisky, but made from rye instead of malted barley. Spicy nutmeg, woodsmoke and soda bread on the nose lead into fresh lemon, sweet brown sugar and more nutmeg on the palate. Distinctively spicy. Alc 48% Heavy on the lemons and oat
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Not Standing Still
Few spirits match Scotch whisky’s heritage – distilleries have honed their craft over decades and, in some cases, centuries. Now, new whisky makers are springing up throughout Scotland, with the wee players forging a path that sets them apart from th