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Thunder, Lightning, and Pillars of Smoke

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Eli isn't the settling down type; He's always got adventure on his mind,' said Grandpa Elisha, looking forlornly at the fire. He took another swig of flip. 'Adventure is what killed my older brother at Port Royal.' He let out a tired sigh as he looked Elisha in the eye. 'Eli...Elisha...' said Grandpa Blackman softly. He looked into Elisha's eyes. 'I can see you have made up your mind already; you're going, aren't you, son?'
'That I am.'

Elisha Blackman swore to his father that he would never again volunteer for a foolish battle, but with resources running out and war at their doorstep, he knows that some battles are worth fighting. He leaves behind the family he loves, including his pregnant wife, Lucy, and sets off with his brother to fight for the very land they live on. Will Elisha and Joseph make it back to the family that they've sworn to protect? Will the powder keg of English, French, and Indian relations tear apart the lives they've carved out?

With careful attention to historical accuracy and deft, thrilling storytelling, Michael Schnorr begins the saga of the Blackman family. This vivid tale of love, faith, and courage is sure to inspire readers. Join the Blackmans as they attempt to hold on to all they hold dear amidst the turbulence of war in a land filled with Thunder, Lightning, and Pillars of Smoke.

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