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Adam Canfield Watch Your Back!
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As co-editor of the Slash, the Harris Elementary/Middle School paper, Adam Canfield is used to getting the story. What he's not used to is being the story, which is just what happens after he's mugged by some high-school students for his snow-shoveling money.

But it's hard to keep a low profile when there's still baritone and basketball practice, a new principal to figure out, a science fair sham to uncover, a bully survey to monitor, a three-hundred-year-old tree to save, and the next issue of the Slash to take care of. It's enough to drive a kid over the edge. Luckily, Adam's got Jennifer, his trusty (and cute!) co-editor, to help him keep it together. But when the Slash is threatened, will they be able to get the story and keep the paper going, all without getting expelled?

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ISBN: 1441829016
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