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Three Seconds

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Three Seconds

Nilai: 4 dari 5 bintang4/5 (49 penilaian)
Panjangnya: 15 jam

Catatan Editor

Swedish superiority…
The Swedes prove they’re still rulers of the crime genre with “Three Seconds,” which is the basis for the film “The Informer.” The stakes are high for Piet Hoffmann, an undercover operative whose cover is in danger of being blown in a deal gone wrong. “Three Seconds” was named the Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year in 2009.


In this dark and gripping novel from #1 bestselling Swedish writing duo Roslund & Hellström, Piet Hoffman is the Swedish police's most valuable secret operative. His cover is that of a lieutenant inside the ruthless Polish mafia trying to take over amphetamine distribution within Sweden's prison system. With this, his most dangerous assignment, success will mean a new identity and the freedom to start a new life with his wife and young sons.

When a botched drug deal involving Hoffman results in the cold-blooded killing of a police informant, the investigation, assigned to the brilliant but haunted Detective Inspector Ewert Grens, leads to a string of unsolved cases in which key evidence has been withheld under mysterious circumstances. As Grens's investigation takes him closer to the truth, government lies are exposed and Hoffman is trapped in prison, wanted dead by both the police and the mafia. He has only one chance to make it out alive and start a new life. One chance and three seconds.

An audiobook with extraordinary insights and totally unexpected plots twists, Three Seconds is an intensely suspenseful thriller in which people in all positions of society are put to the test. Three Seconds was a #1 bestseller in Sweden and the winner of the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers' 2009 award for Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year.

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