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The Sex Tapes Volume 2

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Welcome to the second issue of The Sex Tapes, Europe’s sexiest audio magazine for broadminded adults! Meet Margarita, The Sex Tapes editor also known as the ‘Greta Garbo Of Sex’, who will introduce you to a new and thrilling world of adult confessions. Just listen to her amazing collection of ‘Readers’ Letters’ from people like you, who are into really imaginative sex and unbelievably wild erotic fantasies! Listen to Mr M.H. a driving instructor from Kent whose female pupils are all very keen to learn and why Ms G. E of Derby loves the older man. John C of Wigan tells us how he met his favourite ‘Readers Wives’ fantasy in his local market, while C.K of York tells of the young lady delighted to have her privacy invaded by the junior reporter on the job. Plus many many more. So why don’t you turn the lights down low, prick up your ears and listen to what really turns you on! Just don’t say you haven’t been warned!

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