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The Paying Guest (dramatic reading)

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Clarence and Emmeline Mumford are in for a real treat when they take in the young, outspoken Miss Louise Derrick as their guest. Shedding a light on class struggles in the Victorian era, The Paying Guest offers a look at just what "proper society" expects. (Summary by Amanda Friday)

Narrator: Elizabeth Klett
Clarence Mumford: AllenJohns
Emmeline Mumford: Arielle Lipshaw
Louise Derrick: Amanda Friday
Mrs. Higgins: Kristingj
Mr. Bilton/Man: Noel Badrian
Mr. Cobb: Robert Hoffman
Servant: April Gonzales
Dr. Billings: Ernst Pattynama
Mrs. Grove: Tiffany Halla Colonna

Audio edited by: Amanda Friday

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