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Death Has Very Little Meaning: Ojai 1980 - Dialogue 7

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"Death has very little meaning - 17 April 1980
• Is there a totally different way of approaching the whole turmoil of life?
• As long as the centre is creating darkness, and thought is operating in that dark
ness, there must be disorder, there must be everything as society now is. To
move away from that you must have insight.
• Insight can only come about when there is a flash which abolishes not only the
darkness but the creator of darkness.
• Human beings have been acting according to one pattern, responding to
hatred by hatred and so on. There are those few, perhaps many, who did not.
Why has this division taken place?
• The man who is living in darkness can move away at any time to the other. That
is the point: at any time.
• What happens to a mind that has no conflict?"

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