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The Sacred Journey: Your Quest for Life's Higher Meaning

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A richer life can be yours with Sam Keen's "The Sacred Journey".

Take the journey of your life toward greater spiritual and personal fulfillment.

Where am I going?
What is my life about? What do I value?
According to Sam Keen, bestselling author of "Fire in the Belly", your personal quest for fulfillment-- "The Sacred Journey"-- begins the moment you entertain the great questions of life. These are the questions that recover the innocent eye of childhood which sees wonder and magic in everyday life. You will find in the stories and ideas of Sam Keen a new perspective and reminders of the things you understood when you were young-- when you knew how to listen to your dreams and your body. "The Sacred Journey" is a personal adventure that a lot more people are taking today because we live

In a time of crisis when old myths, values, and world views are beginning to come apart at the seams. In this fascinating program, you will discover how to:

Use a spiritual compass to find your way when you are lost.
Tell your own story.
Realize the extraordinary depths in ordinary moments
Encounter the sacred in everyday life

Join Sam Keen on the quest that begins when you open the secret window into your heart-- take "The Sacred Journey" today.

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