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The Fortress

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Walter Herries establishes himself in Keswick and builds an imposing property overlooking Uldale, further encroaching upon the peaceful lives of Jennifer and the children. Adam resolves to pursue a career in London, much to his mother’s displeasure. He meets the Chartist campaigner Caesar Kraft and lives with him and his daughter Margaret. On a visit to the capital Elizabeth Herries takes the opportunity to escape from her unhappy life but is finally pursued by John. Uhland Herries’ obsession with and hatred of John Herries grows amidst self-contempt and scorn for his father. The eagerly awaited Chartist procession comes to a tragic end for both Adam and Margaret while the confrontation that Uhland desires and John dreads comes to fruition and will scar the family for the next thirty years. Speculation that Judith will reach her hundredth birthday is rife, but the feud still exists and the attitude of the younger generation seems to predict that it may continue as devil may care Benjamin, son of Elizabeth and John, and Ellis, Will’s boy, unable to connect with his emotions, meet in London. Meanwhile the beautiful, tempestuous and determined Vanessa grows to maturity in Cumberland.

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