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Time out o'Clock - Meditation

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Inner peace, serenity and relaxation - that is the aim of this guided meditation. The “voice” is accompanied by discreet background music. You can also hear sounds from nature and heart beats.

The first aim is to achieve a state of general relaxation.

Secondly, the listener is led to an experience of in-depth perception of their body. This is important to improve self-esteem and to understand our own essence. Being mindful; to be aware of our body and our thoughts which leads to a more conscious living. Thus we pay more attention to our health, thoughts and feelings. It is also possible to let go of certain negative habits.

Thirdly, the aim is to balance the right and left brain hemispheres. A metaphor in the form of a story incorporated into the text aims to achieve this. The metaphor also relates to the heart. It is about freedom and joy.

The method the author is using is a combination of autogenous training and hypnotherapy (Milton H. Erickson). In Erickson’s hypnotherapy, the concept of metaphor is used in the form of puns and stories which lead to a hypnotic trance and can trigger unconscious change.

Through brain study, scientists are able to prove that regular meditation has a positive effect on the brain. They have also found that these positive effects disappear if meditation is not done on a regular basis.

This Album was created to support people interested in their regular meditation practice.

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