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Snake's Kin: A Freelancers Novel

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He knew his love was cursed, but that didn't stop him falling for her...

Something has been biding its time, waiting for its inevitable release. As Rafe and Ana's relationship progresses to the next level, it's freed and will wreak vengeance.

It's going to lay down judgement on the two of them. And the scales are balanced in its favor.

Rafe's secrets will finally be out, and he will have to confess everything in the hope that Ana will forgive him. Because if it rules against them, it's not only their love that will pay the price....

Ana's life will be forfeit.

Snake's Kin is a twisting and turning urban fantasy thriller that will captivate fans of Emily R. King, K. F. Breene, Dannika Dark, and Neil Gaiman.

An Author's Republic audio production.

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