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Tales of the Frightened

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Tales of the Frightened was first published as a book in 1963, and included such stories as "Man in the Raincoat", “The Deadly Dress", "The Hand of Fate", “Don't Lose Your Head", "Call at Midnight", "Just Inside the Cemetery", "The Fortune Teller", "The Vampire Sleeps", "Mirror of Death", and "Never Kick a Black Cat".

The book was like many other excellent anthologies, such as The Ghostly Gallery, Stories that Scared Even Me, and Stories that Go Bump in the Night, presented by Alfred Hitchcock.

But it is the recordings made by Karloff that are really cool to listen to.

As I type this tonight, the wind howls angrily and blasts against the house with all the fury of hell. The clock ticks loudly. Floors creak. A draft catches my arm, and I shiver. Halloween is coming.

Without further ado then, grab that blanket you had last night, turn out the lights, and have a listen to the stories....

Are you frightened?

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