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The Marquess's Hand: A Regency Romance Novel

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Two Men. One Choice.

When the handsome and charming Marquess of Oakham, Julian Wareham, turns his dark-blue eyes her way, Rosalie Curtis cannot believe her luck. Wealthy, titled and well loved; the marquess is a man who could secure not only her future but also that of her family. It seems impossible that he would look to her, a shy and insecure woman, quickly approaching her prime; but here he is, the answer to her family’s prayers. 

Yet no matter how handsome the man or how decent the match… there is another who also stirs her heart.

Peter Farrell was the first real friend Rosalie made when she came to live with her widowed and well-connected aunt, Lady Lynch. Handsome, broad shouldered and kind, Peter is the type of man that inspires her trust, even as rumours swirl of a dark and sordid past. Yet Peter lacks a title and the prestige that would catch a lady’s eye, leaving Rosalie dancing between two men with very different futures. 

Caught between society’s expectations and the needs of her family, Rosalie must make a choice; even if it means breaking her own heart…

Captivatingly sweet and soulfully romantic. Accompany Rosalie Curtis on her journey of heart and soul to find true love.

Clean Regency Romance Novel. Stand-alone. No cliffhanger.

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