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The Procrastinator's Guide To Killing Yourself: Living when life feels unliveable

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The World Health Organisation estimates someone kills themselves every 40 seconds.

If you think that someone might be you, then this book might help. 

It is for those of us who are looking into a huge black hole and feeling that life is not worth living. It might also help those who love someone who is feeling that way.

For 20 years Gareth Edwards worked in mental health and suicide prevention as a government advisor, university researcher and designer of innovative services.

In The Procrastinator’s Guide to Killing Yourself he shares how he found his own 'suicide prevention’ came from a place of 'suicide procrastination’. 

Short stories are told with heartfelt humour as Gareth walks you through his five steps of ‘living yourself’ to find a way forward rather than a way out. 

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