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Root Protocol: An Apex Cycle Novel

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How can you trust your friends when you can't even trust yourself?

The network wants a revolution. Thanks to the company that experimented on them, they have the means. But the company is prepared for the coming battle and have an ace up their sleeve. And one by one, they're taking the network down.

As allegiances sway, Sarah finds herself isolated from the group. And her only hope is to find a man who may not exist, in the hope that he can offer them some hope of truly understanding what has been done to them.

Root Protocol is a cyberpunk thriller for fans of Neal Stephenson and William Gibson.

The APEX Cycle chronology:

The Whistle (Human2.0.1) The Human Trials (Human2.0.2) Testing Ground Footage Beyond Footage Root Protocol (Human2.0.3) Re:volution Televised (Human2.0.4)

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