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The Project Rots From The Head

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The best projects are a result of the person who leads it or the environment they create. In short, leadership and culture. If you want to be successful in all of your projects, then this is where you start. You then use the methods to support you in creating the right approach and capturing the information necessary to help you stay on track. Only by doing it this way can a project sponsor and project manager jointly ensure that projects meet stakeholder expectations around time, cost, and scope.

Make no mistake, however - successful delivery starts and ends with you.

This audiobook is a how-to guide and will provide you with all the information you need to be successful in your project sponsorship. It focuses on the three key areas of project sponsorship: stewardship, decisions, and results.

As a project sponsor, you have a unique opportunity to positively affect the lives of others and leave a lasting legacy for others to copy. As a sponsor and senior leader, it’s your job to create and evolve a culture of successful delivery. It starts with you. Don’t let your project rot from the head.

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