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Tales From the Great Green Lake

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Mole is a mole who is afflicted with a parasite, and he's close to losing his position as bass player for the Fresh Kickers, the most popular musical group in the world of the Great Green Lake. His body is ballooning, and something must change...or else.
Three raccoons are making their way to the trading post in the Dark Island Terminal, inside an enormous sunken tree hollowed out by generations of resident animals in the lake world. They manage to survive a blizzard high in the Phinnae Mountains, but as they reach the warmer meadows below the snow line, they encounter a feral cat, who has one thing on its mind: catnip. The travelers offer the beast the desired herb, hoping it will be enough to save themselves.
Beebe and Jake are two fish friends, and unlike all other fish, work as a team when hunting for food, They begin to brag about their intelligence, and laugh at other fish who are pulled to the upper world by giants with lures and fishing lines. One day, they find out they're not as smart as they thought.
It's a typical voyage across the Great Green Lake, as described by a rat who has business at Half Lake Inn. The voyage starts out calm and serene, and the food is served, much to the deep satisfaction of all onboard, when the narrator notices a strange serpent deep in the bottom of Woodland Canyon. The serpent fish swims up from the deep and attacks the submarine ferry, causing terror and panic inside the cabin.

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