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After Brock

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One December night after watching his mother perform in the Mikado with a local amateur dramatics society, Pete meets the attractive and flamboyant misfit Sam, and his infatuation is instant. They begin a tempestuous friendship seeking a world removed from the difficulties of home life: Sam’s alcoholic mother and Pete’s frayed relationship with his dysfunctional family. Inseparable, the boys embark on a journey sparked by a sighting of something deep in the Berwyn Mountains; an event that leads to a terrible betrayal. Thirty-five years later, Pete’s own son, Nat, disappears and is found in that very same place. A scrupulous journalist appears and, suspecting foul play, is determined to find out what led Nat there and why. This coming-of-age novel, inspired by a real-life event, explores sexuality, emotional growing pains, and the complexities of relationships.

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