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The Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 Weeks (Yes, Really!)

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The Baby Sleeps Tonight: Your Infant Sleeping Through the Night by 9 Weeks (Yes, Really!)

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Nine weeks to a happy, sleeping baby!

The Baby Sleeps Tonight teaches anyone, no matter how sleep deprived, how to create order and happiness by getting baby to sleep through the night by nine weeks. Sleep schedule specialist Shari Mezrah helps new parents regain control over their lives, guiding them from pre-birth through the toddler years with a plan to ensure that baby—and the whole family—sleeps tonight.


Proven scheduling system of efficient feedings, naps, and wake-times
A troubleshooting guide answering the toughest sleep questions
Checklists and helpful tips to stay ahead of baby's needs and take control—essential to a good sleep plan
Real-life success stories of parents who have found peace through the plan
Simple, effective solutions discussing a wide array of childcare issues that affect sleep
Strategies to customize the plan to your family's needs

The Baby Sleeps Tonight offers a proven system for taking back control of your life, your sleep, and your happiness.

"As a pediatrician, over the years I have referred desperate parents to Shari for help. The results spoke for themselves: happier families that are functioning because of restful sleep. I recommend highly to all new parents!" —Patrick C. Yee, MD

"I notice a complete difference in the babies that have used this system. My husband and I truly owe our family's success to Shari's plan." —Jill Hechtman, MD, FACOG

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