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The System

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I always dreamed of becoming a writer, however, nothing out of the ordinary ever happened to me. That is, until my life became associated with everything bizarre. I would literally enter the Twilight Zone from April 18, 2007 to September 25, 2010. The story begins with the pursuits of any normal twenty year old, trying to find a career and a relationship to complete his life. After being hit by two large vehicles weeks apart who destroy two cars that I were driving, my thinking becomes irratic and blurred at times. On top of this, under the direction of an aunt that everybody considered to be acting strangely and over zealous in religion, I am told to leave my parents and go on my own. Losing everything, my mental state becomes more and more distorted. Following a medical mishap, events take place that lead me to enter a bank, thinking I'm in a movie about a bank robbery, being deluded in thought and thinking everyone in the bank are fellow actors. This results in three years of being in the many layers of The System, referring to the legal system. This takes me through months of jail time, a murderous institution for the ciminally insane, and a civil hospital, along with all the unbelievable stories that I see along the way. I, however, come full circle, and end up with no record and whole again. You will not believe, however, what a skilled legal team along with me and my parents have to go through to achieve this goal. It is a right ending, considering it wasn't my fault. The medical mis-hap that I mentioned earlier was to blame. You'll just have to read it to believe it.

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