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Agency Assassin

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Agency Assassin

I never thought of being a paid assassin as a career choice – Linc Devereaux

Recruited by the CIA, Mossad and the Japanese secret police an ordinary man ends up in a very unusual and dangerous lifestyle working deep undercover as an international arms dealer. After a fast introduction into clandestine operations he takes up the lifestyle easily and learns quickly. Linc Devereaux even surprises his handlers in the ease with which he carries out his mission.

Trusting only when he must he carefully avoids being exposed in an international game where what you know keeps you alive and who you kill sometimes isn’t as easy of a decision for him to make.

Hang on tight as Al DesHôtel guides you through the shadowy world of questionable arms deals, governmental assassination orders and love in all the wrong places with equally serious consequences.

149,000 words

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