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Afternoon Tea

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With a bundle of roses in one hand and a walking cane in the other, an elderly gentleman, Lawrence Gray braves the New England winter as he makes his way to Saint James Cemetery. There, he offers the flowers to his fallen wife, who passed away forty years ago.

Lawrence’s devotion to his long-dead wife elicits curiosity from Meg Bailey, an intrigued neighbor who spies on him from her kitchen window every morning. Meg’s curiosity hits a peak when town historian, Fanny Brund, invites her for afternoon tea, and tells her about the mystery surrounding the Grays.

Looking for more answers, Fanny warps back to the year 1895 in a bid to uncover the truth behind Lawrence Gray’s guilt over his wife’s untimely death — only to unravel a secret that will change Meg’s life forever. . .

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