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Afterworld 3: Redemption

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Once again, the worlds of Science Fiction & Fantasy collide in this third volume of the Afterworld Trilogy in a highly imaginative, epic journey, through an ingeniously depicted & incredibly fabricated afterlife universe, which comprises an infinity of bizarre worlds, creatures, & cultures from all the realities that ever were and ever will be. This third edition has more action, adventure, and seductive creatures in it as the Afterworld protagonists are ferreted to another dimension housing only the more violent and primative people and creatures in creation. Not able to be mingled with the more peaceful beings in the nonviolent universe, the inhabitants here must live their present lives with others of their type. However, a touch of evil has entered their dimension with the destruction of the Control Planet, making them inordinently aggressive and destructive, which throws that dimension out of balance; Gary Townsend and his friends must be relocated there to find a method of attenuating that evil & violence, and bring that universe back into a harmonious balance. Gripping, adventuresome, and occasionally seductive fantasy by award winning Author-Psychologist, R. Vincent Riccio.

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