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Step-by-Step How To Create & Publish Your eBook

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Step-by-Step How To Create & Publish Your eBook

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Do you enjoy writing? But lack the knowledge of computers and designing. This is an eBook created for those who are interested in writing an eBook, but lack some inputs. To create an eBook consists of steps and knowledge to follow. This eBook is constructed in a Step-by-Step on How to create and publish your eBook.
I’ve outlined the structure of an eBook format. Describing in a step format of how to start your eBook and what you need to know. Clearly! Written to point out the “Smashwords Style Guide”; requirements that must be followed.
I’ve formed this eBook in a format to establish clearly how to start an eBook. The requirements to publish through “Smashwords.com”! On to the retailers that will display the eBook. In between there are step-by-step procedures to follow in order to create an eBook.
What is covered in this eBook are;
How to start an eBook?
How to write an eBook?
What are the requirements to create an eBook and publish it?
How to create and getting help on creating a cover page?
How to embed images and photos onto your eBook?
How to structure your eBook, in a proper format?
Alternative marketing strategies for your eBook
Alternative Author and eBook points to include
Resources on getting information on writing ideas, where to get help on graphic designing. A guide on how to problem solve and format your eBook. If you enjoy writing share your ideas. There is nothing to lose in expressing yourself. In contrast you’ll become a write/publisher. Your success depends on taking the first step. Publishing an eBook has never been so easy. I’ve illustrating the simplicity in creating an eBook.

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