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Zombie Night in Canada: 1st Period

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Zombie Night in Canada: 1st Period

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Tokyo. Sydney. Beijing. Cairo. Paris. Rome. New York. Los Angeles. One by one, the world’s great cities fell to the zombie plague. What chance does a small, non-descript city in Canada like Edmonton have?

The world as we know it is finished. Civilization has collapsed and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Billions of people are dead, victims of a horrific plague. Shortly thereafter, that disease brought them back to life with an insatiable thirst for human flesh.

Police officer Dan Simpson had served in the Edmonton Police Service for close to a decade, and as a former member of the Tactical Team, had seen it all. Then one night, at a medical clinic, a patient died and later returned to life, attacking all around her. Dan and his partner were barely able to contain the situation, and from there, the infection spread like wildfire, consuming entire nations.

General Nicholas 'Steel' Raine was western Canada's senior most military commander, and his orders were to stop the infection from spreading. But how does a man in command of a mere 6000 soldiers do that in an area larger than western Europe, populated by millions of citizens?

Xander Barnes had a simple life, working in a warehouse in Edmonton, Canada. When the pandemic began, he prepared himself as best he could, buying supplies, fortifying his condominium, and readying himself for the worst. The question was, would his preparations be enough?

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