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How to Write a Book or Novel, An Insider’s Guide to Getting Published

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How to Write a Book or Novel, An Insider’s Guide to Getting Published

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Resolve to Write And Publish Your Book In 2014

Ever wondered what it takes to write and then have published that book you've been considering for ages? In this authoritative, 2014 edition of the guide, writer and editor, Jonathan Veale pulls few punches as he outlines the steps to take - and the pitfalls to avoid - as you plan, write and see your book completed and published for all to read, in printed form, or as an ebook.

Although already a published author in non-fiction, when I decided to try my hand at fiction I realised some professional help would be useful. Well, this book is more than useful - it is essential and within five minutes I had discovered some invaluable tips. Jonathan holds your interest from start to finish but more importantly, he INSPIRES you! I feel certain this book has definitely increased my chances of getting published as a fiction writer by 100% - and it encouraged self- belief as well! It's a real steal . . . - Terence Watts

Whether you have a thriller in mind, an autobiography, or a guide on how to avoid dreadful restaurants, the advice here will help you see your project through from idea to bookshop. The activities of rogue publishers and dishonest agents are explored so that you can identify them and treat them with the disdain they merit.

If you have doubts about self-help books, here's one that's different. Jonathan Veale highlights, with unerring accuracy, the multiple problems bedeviling aspiring writers and preventing them getting their work into print. He deals with every aspect of creative writing, from the first vague idea right up to actual publication. Anyone feeling blocked or discouraged should benefit from his friendly, practical and upbeat advice, crammed with helpful tips. - Liz B

Ebooks and New Writers - A route well worth considering

Ebooks, together with the latest print-on-demand options, permit writers with their wits about them to publish books, printed and or digital, at minimum cost, and market them worldwide using Amazon and similar online retailers. A chapter describes this exciting new route for aspiring writers. It is now a marketplace that no new writer should overlook. Sales of digital books are expected to take an even larger majority share in 2014 over their printed cousins.

This valuable reference work offers publishing and editing tips to help you:

- get started - many people talk a good book. This shows you how to complete one
- have a clear understanding of your likely market
- set a budget for editorial and technical assistance
- self-edit relentlessly so that your natural prose style shines through
- prepare your draft so that publishers take note when you submit your work
- spot vanity publishers and dishonest agents - the people to avoid at all cost
- find technical assistance, at trade prices, if you decide to self-publish

At last a book about writing that's funny, informative and makes you realise all is possible in the writing game. Jonathan, a professional editor and writer, guides you through from the initial idea to publication: how to prepare the manuscript, synopsis and how to save money while going about it. It's as if he's sitting alongside with a glass of wine, sharing the experience. The hard work and perseverance needed to become successful becomes fun - the best way to learn anything. "How to Write a Book or Novel" is the perfect guide to have close by when you pick up the pen. - Laura

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