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Do You Have the Know-How to Self-Publish?

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Do You Have the Know-How to Self-Publish?

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It’s all the rage! Now, more than at any other time in publishing history, the public at large are free to publish their own work without the use of agents, publishing houses and brick-and-mortar stores.

The whole world has gone digital. Now you and anyone else with the knowledge can publish their own books in as little as a few hours, ready for the entire world to read.

All it requires is the ability to write a story and some technical savvy. And there’s the rub.

Exactly how much technical savvy is required to pull of this task? Is it really that simple? Or does it require technical knowledge that is beyond the scope and ability of most writers? This book explains what you will need to know in order to successfully publish and market your own books. If it is this simple, why are not indie writers overnight success stories?

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