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Grandma’s Homegrown Candy Recipes

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With over 550 pages of authentic, homegrown Candy Recipes

This book has the BEST selection of Candy Recipes made by the most SIMPLEST of Methods.

You’ve never tried?
You’ve never had?

You should try my grandma’s!

Here is a selection of my Grandma’s best Candy Recipes. They are so simple to make, as back in her day she didn’t have the technology and gadgets we have now.

I think it is important that we realise, we have all heard of Television chefs like Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver, who bring cooking styles which are commercialised and of mass appeal.

More importantly, they rarely discuss the true roots of their culinary dishes and certainly never refer back to the most traditional dishes, created not by a famous television chef, but by some not so well known.


If I was going to liken her cooking style and finesse to anyone then it would be to the likes of Mary Berry.

When I was just three years old, I have fond recollections and memories of standing next to my ‘nana’ in her compact kitchen in fact it, the kitchen was so small, you could barely move. One half of the space was occupied by a small gas stove and opposite that was the sink with a window above looking out onto the street and next to this was a large wooden, built-in larder, which when (I thought) she wasn’t looking I could climb into or up.

All my fondest memories came from the aromas and flavours generated in this one tiny room.

My grandmother loved to cook and bake, the earliest memory I have of her kitchen is when I was 3 and baking chocolate chip cookies with her. It was so much fun and I still love watching cookies melt down in the oven, changing from little drops of dough, into actual cookies! Nana also used to make bread all the time; I can still remember the wonderful smell of bread fresh out of the oven.

Nana’s food, particularly her Candies were so beautiful to smell and even more gorgeous to taste.

I wanted everyone to come and try my Grandma’s Candies. But, back then that was not practical!

Now, thanks to technology, I have taken her hand written and home grown recipes and made them available to everyone as a permanent token of gratitude to a wonderful lady and an even better Candy cook!

I hope you enjoy them and please leave me comments on your favorites.

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