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Homicide detective William Hopper is convinced he has found the man responsible for five murders over the span of one month. The suspect’s blood and footprints are found at two murder scenes, and witnesses finger him at another. So why, after Hopper arrests him, does Tampa Police have to release the suspect, not once, but twice? As you read this fast-paced thriller you may think you know the answer, but you don’t.

The cantankerous Hopper, a former poker player turned sleuth, is a self-proclaimed misanthrope, a walking contradiction with a sometimes-intimidating vocabulary and sharp tongue. He remains true to his belief that he has found the killer, despite two DNA tests proving otherwise. His unyielding commitment to this case, and this suspect, strains his marriage to a spitfire wife, alienates his five-year-old daughter, and has his boss threatening to call in the feds, sending Hopper into early retirement. Will the detective clear the case, and his name, before someone else dies?

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