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21st Century Robin Hood

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They say that history repeats itself. When 21st century England darkens, when the rich and powerful oppress the masses, when ordinary British folk are made poor and powerless, once again the people need someone who can stand up and fight for those who have no voice.

Driven by 21st century suffering, one man reaches into the past. Inspired by legends of "Robin in the Hood" from nearly a thousand years earlier, the outlaw makes a stand. Set in the near future, advanced technology replaces bows and arrows as Hood's weapon to fight oppression, exploitation and injustice. And boy, is he fighting!

Two short stories are featured in this collection.

In the first, "Hood", a tragic chance encounter and firsthand experience of family suffering set the self-styled Robin Hood on a path which will pit him against a powerful and ruthless corporation. His only assets are his youth, strength of will and a certain unique skill set.

Set shortly after "Hood", the second story, "Wilful" tells of Rob's struggle to set his plan in motion. Realising he will only be able to accomplish his goal with assistance, Rob reaches out to an old acquaintance just in the nick of time to save Billy from arrest and imprisonment. Together the two outlaws join forces for a covert mission.

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