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The Adventures of Bumpen The Knight

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The Adventures of Bumpen The Knight

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"Long, long ago the world was a place of wizards, and castles, and knights. There were monsters and things with featherless wings, and other such horrible sights.
But the people were happy, and safe when they slept (since they knew everything was alright); for the big, nor the small, not a creature would call on a house thanks to Bumpen The Knight!"

As the first book in a series of tales, this volume introduces readers to Bumpen The Knight, a fearless defender of children and vanquisher of monsters large and small. We also meet Wit, a reformed monster whose fate is bound by an unforeseen turn of circumstance to that of the tiny knight's.

Speaking in brilliant rhyme, Wit serves as the narrator for much of the story, explaining the history of how their unlikely partership came to be.

This book focuses around a central theme, illustrating that even the best of intentions can have unintended consequences. Alternating between prose and rhymed verse, this story has something to offer for readers of all ages.

Written with the express purpose of expanding a child's vocabulary, as well as fostering a love of literature, this book is well-tailored for being read aloud!

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