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After Class: Teach Him Tonight, Book #3

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After Class: Teach Him Tonight, Book #3

Novella After Class is the third book in Mardi Ballou’s Teach Him Tonight series. In these contemporary romances, a determined woman provides an essential lesson in love to a deserving guy.

Reader’s Advisory: After Class is a hot and sexy tale. This book also contains bonus material -- excerpts from the first two Teach Him Tonight books.

K.C. Corrigan’s books hit all the major best-seller lists. To celebrate this sweet victory, she contacts Todd Marek, the sexy teacher whose writing class she flunked. To her chagrin, he turns her down.

Todd considered K.C. a hot, talented writer -- except she put too much romance in her writing. They disagreed, he failed her and she went on to huge success. Now he wants to distance himself from her. To keep his job, however, Todd has to convince K.C. to sign with the school’s agent. Todd’s not big on groveling.

Now that she’s successful, K.C. has lots of new “friends”. She doesn’t need aggro from the teacher who flunked her -- and who also keeps showing up in her hottest fantasies. Much as she’d love to teach the teacher lessons in romance, Todd’s the slowest of learners -- at first.

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