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Part Time Selling: 90 Days To Online Success By Selling On EBay & Amazon

Part Time Selling: 90 Days To Online Success By Selling On EBay & Amazon

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Part Time Selling: 90 Days To Online Success By Selling On EBay & Amazon

112 pages
1 hour
Dec 31, 2012


Become an ONLINE SELLING PRO with eBay & Amazon
Learn how I can help you succeed on line with product sourcing and proper selling techniques by becoming an Online Selling Pro with eBay & Amazon
My book, Part Time Selling: 90 Days to Online Success by Selling on eBay & Amazon, covers many topics including product sourcing and the performance requirements eBay & Amazon are looking for in it’s sellers to make you an eBay Top Rated Seller and Amazon Featured Merchant. By following my book you can become an Online Selling Pro fast.
Learn more about Selling on eBay & Amazon
By following the guidelines in my book Part Time Selling: 90 Days to Online Success by Selling on eBay & Amazon, you can reach the eBay Top Rated Seller Status & Amazon Featured Merchant status within 90 days and STAY THERE.

Learn how to SOURCE PRODUCT the professional way. This is the same way the best online sellers do it. Do you really think Titanium and Diamond Powersellers on eBay subscribe to a “wholesale list” or use “drop shipping?” NO WAY! Learn how to build practical relationships with vendors for your product the professional way.

By following the guidelines in this book you can reach the eBay Top Rated Seller Status & Amazon Featured Merchant status within 90 days and STAY THERE. Ever ask yourself how online sellers source product to sell on eBay & Amazon? Wonder how they can build excellent reputations and maintain growth year after year? Read on......

This book not only discusses proper management of your online business but covers key aspects about building a recognizable brand name. Branding your online image to match a specific product type is THE KEY to long term success. When customers want to buy what you are selling, you can learn how to get them to associate your business with that product.

This book is a great guide for understanding what you need to do to become an ONLINE SELLING PRO step by step.

Who is this book for? Any online or potential online seller that...

Have asked themselves Where do I Find Product to Resell on eBay & Amazon?
Wants to understand what is involved with sourcing product to buy and then resell them on eBay and Amazon
Wants to understand how to deal with domestic, international, and surplus product sources
Wants to become an eBay Top Rated Seller
Wants to become an Amazon Featured Merchant

It also covers

Those that need help to fine tune their online selling skills and customer management
Improving their online corporate branding & image
Understanding how to deal with troublesome competitors
Understanding what eBay & Amazon wants from its sellers in terms of your customer service to reach the eBay Top Rated Seller and Amazon Featured Merchant Status
Understanding how to maintain your eBay Top Rated Seller and Amazon Featured Merchant Status
Setting up your eBay & Amazon accounts name and structure
Proper listing design within eBay that is expected from their Top Rated Sellers

What are the benefits of being an eBay Top Rated Seller or Amazon Featured Merchant?

More sales. You get better exposure when someone searches for what you are selling.
Discounts on your fees with eBay
A recognizable badge with eBay and prominent position with Amazon when buyers are looking at the product you are selling
More respect in the online selling community
Improved branding of your image ( customer perspective) and increased confidence in doing business with you

Dec 31, 2012

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I am a happily married 36 year old viling with my wife, best friend, and soul mate Tina in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. We are joined by our three children, Tyler, Christopher, and Elizabeth. Being involved with a number of retail and online businesses has provided to me a great deal of knowledge on how to start up, run, and operate them. After selling online for 15 years, I felt the need to write down my knowledge. With this new found direction I wrote my first book "90 Days To Online Success by Selling Part Time on eBay & Amazon" My personal hobbies include traveling with my family, BBQ cooking, and playing poker.

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  • You'll need your carrier's program (UPS Worldship, for example), in order to print labels. If you're shipping via the U.S. Postal Service, stamp-s.com has a program that you can run right from your desktop.

  • Every listing should have the same logo at the top, the same type font, and the same arrangement of listing details, photos, policies, and whatever else you may want to add.

  • Priority: Trackable and insurable, this will arrive to most destinations in one-to-two weeks. Depending on the packaging, some insurance is already included. Con: No guarantees on delivery times.

  • If you could sell it as used, be competitive in pricing, and make a profit, list it as used, too. Describe it as 100 % Mint Condition.

  • First, review all your customer emails. Make sure all requested adjustments are made and/or questions are answered before you process an order.

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Part Time Selling - Jason Guarino

Part-Time Selling:

90 Days To Online Success

by Selling on eBay® and Amazon®


Jason Guarino

Copyright © 2011, 2012 by Jason Guarino

Smashwords Edition

Second Edition

Includes The Craigslist Reseller

* * * * *

From the Author of

Jason Guarino's web site, blog, and places to buy his eBooks & paper back books can be found at PartTimeSelling.com. He welcomes comments and suggestions by email at info@PartTimeSelling.com.

Copyright © 2012



Back in the mid-nineties, when I was 19 years old, I made a decision: I would work for myself. I would never depend on any company or individual for a paycheck; I would earn my income on my own. While there have been ups and downs, I wouldn't trade my lifestyle or my experiences as an entrepreneur for compensation from any boss.

It was 1998 when I realized I needed to start selling online. I was the owner and manager of a small sporting goods store. With limited funds, and even less knowledge of the internet, I had to teach myself how to build a website, and do it fast. Within two years, my online sales were three times greater than my in-store sales. By 2003, I had established one of the largest online retail outlets in my industry. I was also a presence on eBay, but most of the business came through my website.

In 2005, I sold my brick-and-mortar store, and began selling full-time on eBay. Unable to sell sporting goods any longer due to a non-compete agreement, I taught myself product sourcing. To this day, I continue to sell online and to source goods. I have sold more than $15,000,000 worth of product online since 1998.

I decided to call this book Part-time Selling: 90 Days to Online Success by Selling on eBay® and Amazon® because successful online selling doesn't have to be a full-time job. Even if you run your own retail store, you can still make time to sell on eBay® and Amazon®— without manning the phones or the computer 24/7.

Between 75 and 250 packages leave my home daily. The workday doesn't start until all personal matters are taken care of, including breakfast and getting the kids to school. I'm mentally ready to start work by about 8:30 a.m. My orders and customer emails are processed first; I then pack and prepare my items for shipping right at my desk. My routine is so efficient that I'm usually done with everything by lunchtime. How I elect to spend the rest of the day is my choice.

Many years of making a living this way have helped me developed a system that's become second nature. I'll check my email a few times a day, and may have to place an order with a vendor at night, but moving 1000 packages per week doesn't require 40 hours of my time. A 9-to-5 workday is absolutely unnecessary.

I am a part-time seller earning a full-time income. This is because my business runs like a well-oiled machine. This book shows you how to construct your own online selling machine in only 90 days.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Understanding What Is Involved

What does this book offer?

Why sell online?

Where will you be selling?

Your time line of success

Chapter 2 - Sourcing and Pricing Product

Product sourcing

Deciding what to sell

Drop shipping

Buying from overseas

Popular overseas portals

Buying from surplus sources

Garage pickers

Chapter 3 - Setting Up Your Accounts

Creating your online name

eBay® vs. Amazon® vs. your own website

Setting up your Paypal™ account

Setting up your eBay® account and listing

Setting up your Amazon® account

Making a listing on Amazon®

Using Fulfillment by Amazon® (FBA)

Chapter 4 - Effective Selling Techniques

Pricing volume vs. higher profitability and the competition

Competitors and pricing wars

Branding your online image

Marketing and Cross Marketing

Making your own UPC

Chapter 5 - Shipping and Customer Management

Shipping: What you'll need and how to get it, plus free stuff!

Choosing a domestic shipper

You sold something! Now what?

Honey Theory

Managing feedback

A Breakdown of the eBay® TRS Requirements

Understanding the international customer

Expected losses

Listing management alternatives

Chapter 6 - Reaching the Best Selling Levels

Achieving and Maintaining Top Rated Seller and/or Featured

Merchant Status

Mental challenges of selling online

Daily operations


Appendix A : The Craigslist Reseller

A guide to buying items on craigslist and reselling for profit

Chapter 1

Introduction and Understanding What is Involved

The goal of Part-time Selling is to help sellers of all experience levels reach both eBay's® Top Rated Seller Status and Amazon's® Featured Merchant status within three to four months. I have taken the guesswork out of many situations. This course will save you time and money, and get your product exposed to more customers more quickly than you could via trial and error. The nature of small-business selling online makes it possible for you to do this part time.

To understand why you need this book, you need to examine the level at which you're selling today. If you have no idea where to begin, or don’t understand why, after selling online for months, you can’t reach the top-level selling tiers offered by eBay® and Amazon®, this book can help. Anyone can sell online. Only a few actually know how to reach the levels that push products to the top of search results, and make those products the first choice for customers.

What happens when you are faced with a difficult customer? Do you know how to handle negative feedback? How about a problem sourcing product? Are your listings set up correctly to grab a customer's attention? Are you able to tackle business challenges without emotions getting in the way? These are just a few examples of the questions this book will help you answer.

eBay® and Amazon® require that you provide the best product and great customer service to reach their top-seller levels. This means fine-tuning common practices and debunking a few myths. By fixing small issues in your online business, or setting it up correctly from the start, you can gain more exposure, customers, sales, and respect in the online selling community.

The quality of this information is based on my 15 years' experience selling millions of dollars worth of product online. I've developed a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to managing my online business. It's worked for me, and it's worked for many colleagues to whom I've taught the process. Now it can work for you.

What does this book offer?

The ins and outs of branding your online image to distinguish yourself from competitors

Instructions for how to source product covering domestic, international, and surplus sources

Lessons in how to understand and deal with competitors

Setting up accounts on eBay®, Paypal™, and Amazon®

How to correct eBay®and Amazon®listing setups, with breakdowns of each option and section

Tips for establishing customer service policies and guidelines.

A rundown of what eBay®and Amazon®want from their sellers in terms of customer service

A tutorial in managing and understanding customer issues, along with templates for responses

Best methods for selling your products internationally

A discussion of the psychological challenges of selling online; letting go of your ego and emotional responses.

Advice on how to cope with unavoidable losses when selling online.

Instructions on how to become a Top Rated Seller on eBay®and a Featured Merchant on Amazon®

Why sell online?

To understand why you should sell online, you need to take a step back in time to just before the dot-com boom. I don't need to tell you how the online world has changed how we do business. I remember seeing my first internet browser in 1992 and wondering what, exactly, that was. Very few could have understood then the impact the internet would have on every facet of our lives.

Brick-and-mortar stores will always be around. Many of us, even those who shop mostly online, sometimes need to look over and handle

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