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Giovanni St.-Baptiste, a New Orleans fishing boat captain with an MBA in Business, is about to set sail on the Josephine Rose with his crew on an extended fishing voyage; but before he leaves, he must attend his parents’ landmark wedding anniversary party.

Immediately after the celebration, a tragic car accident happens, leaving his mother dead and his father fighting for his life in Intensive Care.
Rafael Buchanan, his father’s attorney, tells Giovanni (“Gino”) that he’s been appointed acting CEO of his family’s company in his father’s absence. From that moment on, Gino’s life changes forever.

The family of Gino's deceased mother, the Portobellos, are shareholders in the St.-Baptiste family business and they are adamantly opposed to Jean St.-Baptiste’s decision to name Gino as CEO. They seek to undermine him at every turn, in particular, his Uncle Louis, who has longed to take the corporate reins for many years. He conspires with Jean’s enemies in order to accomplish that goal.

Gino soon learns that not only is he acting CEO of the family business, he is also the acting “don” of his father’s “crime family” — a gang of criminals known in underground circles as “the Pack” – in keeping with his father’s nickname Le Garou Grise (The Gray Wolf.)
Gino soon realizes he has very large shoes to fill and with the help of family, friends, employees, and acquaintances old and new, he struggles to survive the Aftermath.

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