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Age In A Time Of Insanity and Other Short Stories

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When 89-year old Amanda confronts the prospect of having her assets and freedoms confiscated by her nursing home...when vulnerable Sarah who is being abused by her boy friend sends out urgent telepathic cries for help to Marge...and when divorcee Caroline aids an ailing, homeless musician - these adults, youths, and seniors must make--and stand behind--critical choices.

Age In A Time Of Insanity and Other Short Stories has 21 tales about today's fast-paced world that deal with men, women, and children needing each other, finding each other, and helping each other over the bumps and potholes of modern life.

The general accent is on brevity, and the stories lend themselves to reading on a commuter train, in a waiting room, or over a latte. One story can be read in minutes; all of them can be read in a few hours.

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