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Agent Jack Knight: The Beginning

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Jack Knight never went looking for found him.

Orphaned at a young age--his brother Nicky the only family he has left--Jack struggles to protect him, but the deck is stacked against him from the start...corrupt foster parents, school bullies, and eventually the insidious disease that Jack can't fight no matter how hard he tries.

Nicky calls him a superhero, dubbing him ‘Jackknife’. Jack, however, knows superheroes aren't real and that he can never live up to his brother's image of him.

But he has to try.

After joining the Marines and successfully completing boot camp, Private Jack Knight, on a secret mission for the CIA, finds himself alone in the midst of a South American jungle operating in a country rife with political unrest and the beginnings of a drug war, unsure who to trust.

This is the first book in the Agent Jack Knight Series.

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