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After The Gun: 'ambient reflections of the last hurrah'.........

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Greetings and Salutations my fellow lovers of the written word. I am enlisting you to once again to travel down the squirrel hole of eclectic thought with me. So load up on your carb of choice, do some static stretches (or ballistic, if you are so inclined), and join me on a journey into the world of b2.

Now prepare your thought boxes for the cereal anthology known as 'After the Gun'. Keep in mind you will be required to challenge the notion that literature had steadfast rules and that all has been said.

The 'ATG' story allows us to pick up where we left off with 'Under the Gun'. 'UTG' and it's fifteen subsequent chapters slowly became an underground apparition and to this day continues to haunt the public psyche and test the boundaries of civil litigation.

So put on your big girl pants, secure all diaper helmets, and get ready for ride that hasn't been experienced since Tito Puente wrote 'Oye Como Va'.


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