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Would the world be a better or worse place if the afterlife is discovered to be simply another dimension accessible by technology? Would religious zealots be forced to define blasphemy in entirely new terms? Would a juggernaut industry materialize to connect the dearly departed with their corporeal family members?
Agbero will sweep you into a breathtaking maelstrom of ingenious murder, startling psychics, and shocking duplicity.
Tucson FBI agent Danny Hawkins is reluctantly dragged into a homicide investigation by his two Border Patrol buddies after they inform him that the body of a man they originally believed perished as a result of a failed illegal immigration attempt, was in fact a Nobel candidate physicist who had once worked in the CIA’s Project Stargate; an elite team of psychics known as remote viewers. While investigating Dr. Ramu Shandru’s death, Hawkins discovers a link between the dead physicist, the world’s leading “glamor psychic” D.D. Barrington, and renowned televangelist, Reverend Alton Samuels. But within days of Shandru’s death, law enforcement personnel investigating the case are murdered by a relentless killer with unknown motivations and devastating resourcefulness. Complicating matters is the all-too-coincidental appearance of Marcie Gills, a beautiful, gifted woman whose flirtatious nature and effervescent personality obfuscates her own deadly agenda.
AGBERO is a fast-paced crime novel set in Atlanta and Tucson that follows the FBI’s desperate search against time for the assassin, unaware they have inadvertently catalyzed the killer’s search for them. Hawkins’s investigation and a crash course in physics leads him to Shandru’s jaw-dropping discovery of a technology allowing Barrington to contact departed souls in the afterlife for customers paying a fee of $50,000. The discovery is of little solace to Hawkins as he is plunged into an international pursuit of cyber criminals to find the assassin.

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