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Against All Obstacles

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In 1937 two friends, would be adventures, attempt a world flying record from Miami to Tierra del Fuego; (The tip of South America). They plan to share in the fame and adulation that comes with setting a world record. Their airplane of choice is a salvaged Ford Tri motor. The ill-conceived flight ends prematurely with a crash in the Venezuelan jungle atop a 9000 ft tepui (mountaintop). The escape from the tepui and the untamed never-ending jungle leads the uninitiated explorers through unbelievable hardships while enduring a constant struggle for survival and escape. The real dangers they face are stranger than fiction: starvation, head-hunters, deadly snakes, and man-eating fish and animals. Starvation and Bill’s hidden agenda stress the partnership to the breaking point. Are the wild all female tribe’s imprisonment the legendary South American Amazonians women that history records? Is the strange lost ruins discovered in the jungle’s uncharted depths the Inca’s “lost city of gold” El Dorado? Can one or both of these uninitiated white men call up the resources necessary to survive the jungle’s harsh unforgiving reality. If survival is possible, will the secrets of jungles medicinal and spiritual drugs be used for good or ill? Could Bert’s found and then lost love be reclaimed in Hawaii amid the fury of the breakout of World War ll?

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