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After The Fog: Four Tales of Horror and Supernatural Suspense

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"After the Fog" – Four Tales of Horror and Supernatural Suspense

Sanity means seeing what is real . . . what is there. But that's not always as easy as it sounds.

Sometimes it takes a completely unexpected, violent, preternatural reversal to make us see beyond the fog. And that's exactly what you'll find in these four original, intriguing stories.

"A Helping Hand" – "It’s not every day you find a human hand while digging potatoes. But that's exactly what happened to Leonard Johnson on a Saturday morning not long ago." That's how this quirky little story begins. When you're a fast-failing organic farmer in New Hampshire, with a known termagant for a wife, an event like this can be devastating to your small profits when the news gets out – especially since that ancient hand has peculiar "qualities."

"Elmore's Accident" – "It was that most loathsome of all things: an uncanny, routine-disrupting inconvenience and anomaly." That's what, as the result of an unforeseen event, unexpectedly invades and upsets Elmore Wiggins' safely ordered life. For Elmore had never reckoned on the paranormal or the preternatural. But now that he's had his accident, he is "seeing" certain events in the near future – including his own (although he doesn't know it yet).

"Eve's Refusal" – Eve is a nobody – just a dirty, mentally challenged homeless woman who stands on a street corner in her rags and "prophesies." But she knows exactly what she possesses – what most of those who pity her don't have. Eve refuses to submit to the medical procedure and the progress monitoring, preferring instead to keep what she has. Eve has an important lesson to teach Andrew Thurston, Director of the Social Equity and Rehabilitation Department, who is determined to help her.
"The Thanatos solutions" – Just a few years down the road, the new health-care plan is firmly entrenched. A new bill, Ethical Assessment of End-of Life Care, has also been enacted into law. And the authorities are ruthlessly implementing it throughout the land – no more medical resources wasted on the defective and dying, equitable distribution of quality medical care, no more lingering half-lives sustained by expensive machinery. The "thanatos solution" has arrived. But there are, as always, unexpected ramifications, especially for those who wanted it.

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