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The Jade Seed

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This is a tale from when the world was old. This is what happened at the end.

In the earth's grave the Stone Messenger waited. Deep in its belly, the jade seed lay. The world was weary. Its very bones were hollowed out and all the wild places had shriveled away. All that had been was dying.

Until Brone, the grower, called it forth.

Brone was thrust into the crumbling world and pursued by the terrible beast, Ethon. Still, she guarded the seed. The breath of the world dwindled. Only when the sun had been swallowed and even the memory of Man had been swept away, would the tiny seed flower and bear fruit. There, at the end of all things, was the seed. The seed and the hand that planted it.

This is a story that has passed through many lips. The story of our people's birth. This is what happened before the Beginning.

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