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How to Read (and Understand) Financial Statements

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Regardless of why you decided to go out on your own, building a sustainable business is about managing money. As an owner, you have to manage the financial aspects of your business by balancing costs with potential returns. Financial reports provide information not always visible on the surface. Much like x-rays reveal indications about physical health, financial statements tell you about your fiscal health. And just as a doctor learns to interpret x-rays, you too can learn to read and interpret financial statements. "How to Read (and Understand) Financial Statements" is a financial primer for the non-financial person. It is simple, quick, and explains how all the pieces fit together. When you understand how each decision impacts other areas of your business, you can make informed decisions every day. Focused only on simplifying the basics without confusing jargon, this primer will walk you through a balance sheet and an income statement step by step. Built upon the proven power of Business Buffet's educational tutorials, you can learn to read your financial statements without investing a huge amount of time or effort. This basic accounting information is designed to provide the accounting language and framework so small business owners, educators, governments and other stakeholders can replace their fear of finance with confidence, clarity, and effective decision-making. We believe in being precise and concise. You’ll get simple, easy-to-understand definitions and explanations so you can happily keep practical records AND understand them. Better understanding of financial statements means that your small business can be more sustainable! Our educational model has worked for thousands of people from all walks of life including newcomers, business development groups, and business people of all ages and at all stages - and it can work for you as well! Business Buffet's solid history proves it!

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