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Burning Love

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Archie Knowles has been in love with his hot fireman neighbor, Sean Waverly ever since he moved into the same apartment building. Sean is rugged, muscular, and oh so sexy. And gay. When Archie first moved in, Sean propositioned him. Archie turned him down because Archie wanted a love relationship and Sean...he just wanted sex. So though they’ve lived near each other for months, they’ve only ever been friends.

But when Archie faces the disappointment of not getting a promotion at work, he decides he is through not getting what he wants out of life and he makes a proposition of his own to Sean: He wants hot, wild, animalistic sex.

Sean doesn’t believe Archie really wants the friends with benefits arrangement he proposes, but Archie has vowed to go elsewhere if Sean won’t accommodate him. Sean can’t let someone else have Archie, so he gives in to the cute twink. Wild, animalistic sex may just be hiding love.

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